A candid photo of a happy German Shepard after canine gas remedies.

Who Dealt It? Canine Gas Remedies

Canine Gas Remedies Is your dog farting all the time? Dr. Betsy Brevitz, DVM, and author of the “Complete Healthy Dog Handbook,” claims there are a handful of reasons for a gassy dog. One major reason to keep in mind is the breed of dog. Short-muzzled dogs, like Pugs or Boxers, typically swallow more air…

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Obesity in dogs causes various diseases and can be remedied with healthy dog food and exercise.

Obesity in Dogs: Signs Your Dog is Suffering

Obesity in Dogs Obesity in dogs is one of the most common nutritional diseases. Defined as exceeding ideal body weight by 20 percent, it’s a leading cause of many issues in pets. If portion control is not monitored, both puppies and mature dogs can gain weight exponentially. Causes of Obesity: There are many reasons a…

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A Dalmation with a dog ear infection.

Demystifying Dog Ear Infections: Causes and Remedies

Signs Of a Dog Ear Infection Ear infections are one of the most common reasons pet parents bring their dogs to the veterinarian. They aren’t just uncomfortable for your dog and frustrating for you. When they are chronic, ear infections can be very painful and can lead to vertigo and deafness. Inflammation of the inner…

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Small dog poses in a chair for a photo.

Natural Pet Food Doggie Day

 “A couple of weekends ago, several hundred lucky NYC dog parents got to meet The Dogist (aka Elias Weiss Friedman), the best-selling author and famed social media dog photographer, while sampling some great Only Natural Pet products. It was a fantastic turnout and we were so pleased to see more than 250 enthusiastic dog owners…

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